GooGLe DooDLe

Google Doodle is a adorning Google logo which celebrates holidays, chronicled events and iconicnumbers from all over the world. The doodle is a delight way to recognize some of the especiallyfigures and events and it furthermore displays the creativity of the teamwork at Google itself.
begun in 1998, there were actually hundreds of doodles displaying events and feature from all over the world and nowadays they are much anticipated by world wide web users globally and some even make a collection of them.

At doodle-review, the Google Doodles are not just being collected but they are reconsidered so that the data about the logo and the subject of the doodles can be disperse to all the followersaaround the globe.

doodles are one of its kind and exclusive.
Creativity has always been predominant but this time it’s tagged with interactive quality too. The games be it obstacle, basketball or canoe ride are simple and could be effortlessly performed with the stress on the appendages only and not mind. The doodles are enjoyed and awaited too.
But if a critical investigation is done of these newest interactive doodles, it can be discerned that these sport are evolved on HTML5 and it’s absolutely based on ciphers, images and reasoning. There are no intrusions of other ciphers like Flash, GIF etc. It easily creation on Google chrome and new version Firefox. The main objective of Google is to insert the code HTML5 and its utility across the globe. To let the appearing Media understand that this cipher has reached and is here to stay. Moreover, it should be taken up by developers because of mutuality, cleaner assess up, advanced semantics, elegant types, consistency, advanced accessibility, offline application cache these are to name couple of and are just overviews.


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