Merry CHristMas - CHristMas Is The Great Festival


Christmas is the most important carnival of the Christians. Christmas is same for them what Diwali for the Hindus’ Idd for Muslims. It is commemorated on the 25th December every year with large pomp and display.

Why it is commemorated:

This carnival is commemorated in the recollection of the day on which Christ was born. Christ was the founder of Christianity. It is accepted that he was sent to this world to save mankind.

Description of the Celebration:

Great groundworks are made for the event. All dwellings and churches are cleaned and white cleaned. The partitions are decorated with paper blossoms, images, looking crystal and the partition buntings. All the Christians rich or poor, young or old take part in it. The shopkeepers who deal Christmas cards and Christmas presents decorate their shops with attractive pictures and toys. They do so to attract people to their shop.

Cultivating of the Christmas tree:

The most important part of the festival is the cultivating of the Christmas tree. A large branch of the tree is slash down. It is sown in one corner of the dwelling. Then this agency is adorned with little playthings such as dolls, birds, blossoms etc. At evening candles and electric powered bulbs are lighted on its twigs. The Christmas tree examines very bright and attractive.

Prayers and Exchange of Presents:

Then in the evening all the children of the house are called in. All sing pieces of music and offer plea to God who dispatched his Son, Christ to soil to eliminate all sins and sufferings. After the plea all the constituents of the dwelling and guests are granted. Christmas presents. Christmas cards, images, publications and sweets are dispatched to associates and realities.

Feats and spectacular Performances:

Then big feats are arranged. Delicious bowls are assisted before all. The house wife examines very significant number. She amuses all the guests. persons arrange best nourishment they can offer on that day.

After, the feast is over all constituents take part in melodies. They promenade and vocalise at evening. Then the festival arrives to a close. All gather in the place of worship to plead God that they may led a happy life in the approaching year.


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